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The Best Time To Book Senior Portraits for Your Student

Every year we provide professional senior portraits for families like yours. We often get last-minute bookings for senior portraits. However, that does not need to be the case. Booking your senior portraits during the school year can help make your life less stressful. Setrik Photography can help you get your appointment booked quickly and easily. As the school year ends, we understand many different things need to be planned and scheduled. Things can get hectic quickly when you are juggling graduation preparations on top of all the events and activities associated with graduating high school. Give us a call today to book your senior portraits; we promise to make your experience easy and professional!

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Senior Portraits are Important Memories to Be Cherished Forever

Many families have special reasons for booking senior portraits for their students. Some families choose to book senior portraits to make sure their child has a great yearbook photo, and others go through enormous efforts to create grand ideas. Senior portraits are important because they represent one of your child’s final moments of youth. The photos will signify the era of your child transitioning into adulthood. It is vital to capture your child’s attitude and character in their senior portraits to help show the significance of what is important to them during this time in their life. 

Many students bring various props that represent their hobbies and interests. These moments will be captured and cherished for decades into the future. If you would like to bring props to your photo shoot, please let us know, and we will help you think of ideas to make your senior portraits successful.

Time Is Up To You With Senior Portraits at Setrik Photography

We understand the importance of senior portraits and want to make sure yours turn out beyond your expectations. Additional time is often needed with senior portrait sessions to help allow for wardrobe changes and prop use. Let us know if you would like to book an extra hour for your senior portraits. When you book an extra hour, you will not only end up with more photos, but you will also get a larger variety of poses and creativity. We want your senior portraits to be more than you thought possible. We aim to deliver memories that will be loved and cherished throughout time.