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Children's Photography Portfolio

Record The Moments of Their Precious Youth

Children's Photography Preserves Smiles Forever

Children’s photography is critical for capturing the moments of your child’s youth. From the time your children are born, the moments of their youth are shared with you every single day. Every day of their life, they are growing older and changing in miraculous ways. It is important to capture those moments as they happen with children’s photography so you can cherish and remember their youth always. Month after month and year after year, your children grow faster than you think. The time slips by faster than you might think. Setrik Photography offers professional children’s photography so you can capture those precious moments and save them forever. Every photograph we provide will preserve their smiles locked in time for the decades to come. We believe in capturing the moments that count in life.

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Children's Photography Preserves Smiles Forever

We understand how stressful and busy life can be, especially with children. It can be challenging to plan a time for a children’s photography appointment. Our goal is to make professional children’s photography quick, easy, and painless so you can continue your day and still get the quality memories your family deserves. When you book a children’s photography session with Setrik Photography, you can rest easy knowing that we have provided memorable moments for hundreds of families like yours. Every children’s photoshoot is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Our photoshoots are outdoors and help children feel more relaxed and willing to enjoy the moment.

We work on your child’s time and make the most of every moment we have to ensure you leave knowing the photos you receive will be the best possible. Even when children aren’t cooperating as a parent might expect, we can still capture amazing candid photos your child won’t even realize we are getting. Being camera shy isn’t a problem with the children’s photography we provide.

How Frequently Do Most Parents Book Children's Photography

One question we get asked frequently about children’s photography is about how often a family should have photos updated. The answer to this varies from family to family and also it depends on the ages of your children. If your child is less than a year old, we recommend every three months to have new photos taken. Your child will grow and change in remarkable ways in their first year. It is common for many parents to book children’s photography monthly while their child is under a year. Until your child reaches three years old, we recommend every six months. After your child is around four or five years old, it is common for parents to book children’s photography for updated photos every year until the kids are grown.