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How to Plan for Senior Pictures in Graham, TX

Hiring a photographer for your senior pictures is easy when you choose Setrik Photography. When the time has come, you realize that you need to start thinking about booking senior pictures soon. For many, this is their first experience taking senior pictures, and some extra information can be helpful. We took the time and wrote this senior pictures booking guide to provide great information regarding your special photoshoot.

This guide will help you through the process of what’s involved with the entire senior pictures process. We cover everything from booking your photo session, deciding on several wardrobe changes, prop ideas, and even what to do with your senior pictures after you get them.

Booking Your Senior Pictures is Easier Than You Might Think With Setrik Photography in Graham

Booking your senior pictures photo session is easier than you might imagine. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us. Our phone number is 940-241-7880. We are more than happy to answer questions that you may have about senior pictures or just general information about photography. If you’re short on ideas, we can also help you think about different opinions you can try with your senior pictures photo shoot. We will make sure you have all the information you need to make excellent decisions about your senior pictures.

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Choosing a Location for Your Senior Pictures

Choosing a location for your senior pictures can be significant. There are many different locations around Graham, Texas, where you can choose to have your senior pictures taken. In Graham, TX, two very large parks can be used for your senior pictures. We can even take photos downtown if that is what you prefer. However, you’re not limited to just the areas in Graham, Texas. If you have a special location you would like to have your senior pictures taken; we can make it happen for you. In the past, it has been popular for families to choose their ranch or home for senior pictures. The options are limitless. You can choose wherever you’d like to go for your senior pictures. We will be there to help you create memories that will last a lifetime!

Multiple Wardrobe Changes With Your Senior Pictures

After choosing a great location for your senior pictures, the next thing we need to do is figure out how many wardrobe changes you might need. This is important in determining how much time you will need for your photo shoot and allows us to plan ahead. It is common for high school seniors to have more than one outfit for their senior pictures. A popular is to start out in formal attire. We choose formal attire first because it is the most time-consuming to manage. We start by taking photos in your formal attire, then we add in the cap and gown photos next.

Once we have taken several poses in both your formal attire and graduation gown, we can move on to the first wardrobe change. Depending on the number of wardrobe changes you need, we may need to prioritize the order of your outfits. This can be helpful, much like choosing formal attire first. We work toward the last wardrobe change that would be considered your most casual. We capture a few more poses, and everything comes together like magic.

Senior Pictures That Capture Your Character

An essential aspect of taking senior pictures is capturing the essence of who you are as a person. When we can capture your character, your photos are much more meaningful. Do you play sports? If so, you can bring along any tools of the trade, such as a baseball bat, a basketball, or even a hockey stick. We can use things from your hobbies and sports as props in the photos to help bring out the character of who you are as a senior in high school.

From there, the rest of signing up for senior pictures is straightforward. We choose a date that works for you. And we choose a location or even multiple locations. After we agree on a date and time for your senior pictures photo session, all you have to do is attend the appointment. We will handle everything else for you.

Amazing Senior Pictures In Graham Texas By Setrik

Print Your Senior Pictures The Way You Want

After your senior pictures photo session is completed, we will take all the photos back and perform a post process on them, and you should get your senior pictures back within two weeks after your photoshoot. After your photos are completed, you will be presented with a few options on how to get professional prints made. We offer a variety of different portrait print packages to choose from. We also provide you with the option to purchase the digital photos directly. When you purchase the digital photos, it is similar to buying negatives in the past. Once you have the digital files, you can print your senior pictures anywhere you like, any time you like. We provide a full rights release for all of your senior pictures when you choose to purchase the digital photos.